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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage Finds for the Day!

Look at these two cool finds-
 An old wooden box spring i could lean against wall -or I could hang it from the ceiling?
And then that little wooden box with all the slots, in the pretty pastel shade of turquoise-How Cute is That-
Who would of thought i would be so excited over a warped old rusted mattress box spring or a school paper divider.

No jewels or fancy furs for me my friend just give me someone else's trash and I'm tickled pink!

p.s. Still working on the funky ceiling-going back up tonight to try some more ideas out & see what will look-work best..


  1. Maybe you could get a mattress and make a day bed out of the box spring. :-)


  2. Ohh - I love the paper holder!! Well, I love the box spring, too - but I'd stop eating chocolate for 2 days for that paper holder. Too cute.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the ceiling in the shop.

  3. The wooden box with the cubbies is just too dang cute. I could find many uses for it!

    The box springs would be perfect up against the wall or on the ceiling, can't wait to see what you do with it.


  4. What a great wall hanging for displaying, we will stay tuned!

  5. Me too!! Just give me trash and I am HAPPY!

  6. Girl, I hear ya. Who knew a rusty old minnow bucket for $1.00 would tickle me pink!! It's so much fun! My email is You have something for moi??


  7. I can't help myself - if something is covered in chipped up paint in almost any shade of blue, green or turquoise, it comes home with me! Great finds. :)