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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do It Yourself Stamp

So I thought i would share how i made the stamps, i used on the aprons and pillows i have made.
I started with a piece of insulation ( my husband brought home from work) but you can get a chunk pretty cheap at a home improvement store as well- I printed up some designs from the computer- and then traced them with pen onto the insulation-and used a razor knife to cut out-
Then stamp away- so cheap and easy- it isn't a perfect design with exact detail but it works for the price and the imperfection of it is also what makes the rustic look.
P.S. happy cinco de mayo!!!


  1. This is great! what an awesome way to use"unthinkable" material! Too Cute!!

  2. thanks for the hubby might have some of that..looks like hvac stuff he

  3. Those are great. I like that they aren't perfect.

  4. You are one smart cookie:) I so wish I could come and visit your store, although I would have to drive because I would buy so much I wouldn't be able to fly. Maybe someday.


  5. This is an excellent idea, Karryann!! I never would have thought of it on my own!! The crown stamp is so cute and so popular right now!! Great thinking!

    I had a little time to read through your fabulous blog! I adore that dog bed and personally know two little hounds that would claim it as their own! ;-D. It's a really neat idea and shows off your talent! Can't wait to come back and see more. Thanks for popping over to my place!


  6. What a creative idea. I like them. Your blog looks really great. Thanks for sharing ideas with us.


  7. You are so creative. They look great!
    I think the doggie bed is awesome. My "boys" are too fussy and only sleep in my bed. LOL!
    Deb :)

  8. This is super pretty!!!
    I love all you make. The pet bed is to die for.
    Following you back :)
    Gros bisous