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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Minds Think Alike!

While visiting my favorite blogs today, i found this one in particular that had amazing pieces "Vintage Home Lifestyle" as i scrolled down drooling wishing i could go shop her shoppe, I noticed a chair very similar to one i did.
When doing upholstery for the stores i have been at, one of the hardest things is deciding which fabric to use on a chair I'm doing. It is such a shot in the dark. Well painting the chair gold, and using a faint white muslin was so one of the shots, and I was just getting ready to bring it back home, re-paint and re-upholster it.
But then i see her great chair, and i love hers, maybe Ill leave it a bit longer.
Make sure to check out Vintage Home Lifestyle- Lots of amazing vintage pieces.
Dare i say great minds think alike!


  1. You always do an amazing job! I don't think there is a wrong choice.


  2. Lovely...yeah great minds do think alike! How crazy, and coincidental :) So hows the ceiling coming along? lol

  3. Your have so many amazing idea. I love it!

  4. I love this chair! That style is my favorite!

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thanks for following along on my blog. :)

    I love your style! You have some great things in your shoppe!


  6. I love the chair! I have one just like it that i did over.You can see it on my blog....Kathy

  7. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I'm new on the block, so come over and visit and if you like it, please pass my address along.Debbie