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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Life to a Very Loved Country Coffe Table!

Just wanted to share this darling little country coffee table i just finished for a customer-and i told her i would post how-what i did.
Starting with sanding the top- getting all of the lacquer and original stain off table- & sanding around the table getting the left over sticker goo off, or crayon marks sanded down and sanding down worn marks or doggy bite indents making it all even and smooth- take off knobs-and sand there as well.
I used a dark wood stain- going over entire table top  in same direction as wood grain- you can see in picture half of table with stain and half without.
I then painted the bottom portion in a heirloom white with a brush-letting dry-
then applying another coat of paint-and touching up more stain- on edges that didn't take all of the stain the first round.
After a night of drying- i sanded the areas I wanted to look a bit distressed- and then applied polyurethane to whole table-to seal, then again the next day.
And done! Some New life to a Very Loved Table. 
 I so Believe nothing is a lost cause or worth throwing away.

P.S. check out this amazing dresser i just got- I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!
and so can't wait to work on it- another one i think i might want to keep.


  1. It looks great!! So much better than before- I loved that it was upcycled!!

  2. Love the dresser! I just voted on that site and on Facebook! Thanks for stopping over and entering! Did I mention I need one of your crowns, maybe next month! Love them!


  3. I bet you had one happy customer cuz it looks great! My coffee table got new life too, check it out.


  4. That coffee table is amazing! I just love it and want it in my home.

    :) Marcie

  5. Wow,great coffee table! Love the dresser too...looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  6. Awesome coffee table. I'll take 1 - or 2. :) Thank you for sharing what you did. It looks good!

    And I'll take that dresser too. . .

  7. The coffee table turned out super...great job!

  8. great job! what are you doing this weekend-ha, ha! I love diy--am working on a mirror now--hope it come out well. Just became a follower--come and visit me sometime :)