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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bring on the Red!

A Quick Apron to bring in some red at the door way. I found this Large Pillow Case in a light cream color with these small red flowers on it- I find most my favorite fabric from other sources ( curtains,pillow cases, table cloths, or even clothing) they are just more unique & even more one of kind than the fabric from the Fabric stores.
and so i whipped it up before i went in to work, always lining it, and adding some ruffle and a finishing red wrinkle ribbon to trim the top.
Mostly sharing the cool fabric, i just love the red floral.
And this little step stool, I  at one point had it black, with blue soft velvet but now it is time to be white (distressed) and recovered in a red-cream ticking thick fabric- Again to bring in some red.

As you can tell, we are getting ready for 4th of July & the big Rodeo (50th anniv.) So many things I'm swapping to reds of different patterns.
The hand towels I embroidered (America) on them and added the ribbon for an added touch.

And One last share, that so unique Aladdin statue that was given to me, well here is the after picture, I painted it white, sanded a bit of it and here is the finished look.

I'm an odd bird  I guess, I just love him, I have never seen anything like him, or maybe i don't get out much.

Lately I have been waking up at 5:30am just because i cant wait to start on painting or sewing or finishing some ideas, I think I don't even sleep sometimes, because I'm dreaming about how they'll look, or something I saw and Just to excited to give it a try.
Must be adrenaline Rush.


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  2. Well, from one odd bird to another, I think your Aladdin candle holder is darling. BTW, I just finished a post that I'll publish on Friday afternoon that links back to your cupcake party :)

  3. i've been bringing in red, too! adds a nice pop!


  4. Such cute things. I love the apron and red ticking is my favorite. Stool looks great in fact you have inspired me to redo mine. Those towels are terrific.

  5. Hi Karryann,

    I love re-purposing fabric. In fact, I'm a hopeless vintage fabric collector! And of course, the new fabrics have to come home with me too..LOL

    The Aladdin Statue is I'd like to run across one of those...what a lovely gift.

    Thanks for coming over to visit with me...Let me know if you spot any flying squirrels. :0)

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  6. Ahhh! I hate when I think about and picture my projects all night...its gotten to the point where I have a piece of paper on my nightstand to jot things down...check this one out, My mother in law was toting me around her garage the other day...asking if I want anything...I literally texted her at 4 am telling her...I want that frame, I have the perfect idea for it! Poor thing! I absolutely love that apron! Its kinda sexy ;)

  7. oh. sorry about the long ol' comment, I got a little carried away :)

  8. That little stool. xo

  9. I just found my new comfy place to be...I love your stuff. I too use old clothes, sheets, and anything that has a print on it to be turned into something else. The Aladdin boy is unusual and unique..I like him. I am putting you on my blog roll, so that I can see what your up too immediatly...I go more off that than my dashboard....I find it too small and annoying....cheers! I am going to go look around at your stuff , see ya!

  10. Enjoyed this...I have a post on the "The Girl Needs Red"...because I started painting everything in my yard red. Love your creations...I love making things also, so will come back and see if I can steal some ideas. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...we will see how I do on the 15 week challenge of recording my youth...a big challenge when you are 49!

  11. I'm a blog friend of Ruby's from Ruby Musings. Wanted to come by and check out your blog. I'm now following along! ;)