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Monday, June 28, 2010

For the Love of the Find!

For the Love of the Find!
Look at these Amazing Vintage Finds. While visiting all of those wonderful blogs for the (Where Bloggers Create II) over at My Desert Cottage hosted by Karen Valentine, I saw in one of the Creative Spaces a large desk- but it wasn't a desk it was a smaller kitchen table, that was used as a desk. So every since, I have been on this mission to find a table or desk or really anything bigger that is unique that I can use as a Sewing Table/Desk and will look cute in my Living room.I have been using an old French style Desk (kind of small) everything always falls off while Im sewing.
  While out one day I came across this Charming Large Desk, it really is huge- How Beautiful is that piece, (very frenchy)with three drawers, cabriloe legs, engraved flowers, look at the detail on the top.
And then a good friend of mine Suzanne over at (S.W. Design.blogspot) pointed out the chair- How perfect is That- Like it was meant to go with it.
So I now will have a large desk to sew on, and a darling chair..
Then my buddy Wayne at The Shack brought this little gem in. Well, I know not a piece of furniture-and not exactly a norm for the vitnage finds. BUT, it rolls-has deep storage and so sturdy, used as a music instrument mover.
But with my mind always going, on trying something new- I can't wait to come up with something for it..
It is big enough for a small child??
An animal?
Rolls of Wrapping Paper?
Maybe Ill add a handle, to be used at luggage-
or Maybe a Rustic Table?

Off to Paint my new finds I didn't sleep at all, I was so excited to get up and start on these pieces !!!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with them!


  2. I hope you got up early enough to beat the heat. I tried to paint a bit outside this morning and nearly melted into a puddle, myself. Looking forward to seeing the "after". Have a great week--I'll try to pop in sometime this week--the boys have been bugging me to visit your new shop neighbor.

  3. Oh yay! what fun finds! Can't wait to see how they turn out... :)

  4. Beautiful finds! They will look fantastic painted i can't wait to see them all done!
    Pamela xo

  5. What beautiful vintage pieces you found! And with some paint, wow! Nice blog, it was fun visiting you. :)

    Janet's Creative Pillows

  6. What gorgeous pieces I love the flowers in the table and chair...such fabulous finds..well done! Kym X

  7. These look lovely! I cant wait to see what you do with them! Well done on tracking them down!
    Alicia xx

  8. Great finds there...i am loving that chair as it has great bones and i love to see what you do with it. As for that trunk the color is my new favorite shade of blue....

  9. LOVE this desk and chair! I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat! Just found your blog tonight and loving it! :)

  10. I agree with Kristi, above, the desk and chair ROCK! Can't wait to see what you do with them.