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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Girl needs her Lighting!

So a new found love for me is the chandeliers, never really paid any attention to them, we have a basic black one from Lowe's in our Dining Room. But now I have discovered the big dramatic ones , with jewels and I love them.
So I found this huge gold kind of funky one for $29 & it worked great.
So of course painted it a shade of white, added a ton of lights to it, and some jewels.
Now when it came to hanging it, not so easy. I wanted it in my sewing/crafty room (the front living room-the one no one ever uses in a home) But the ceilings are vaulted and are at least 14 feet tall.
The only ladder my husband had was a 8 foot. He was insistent that it would work- Well, (nope)..So as he is use to my over excitement for something new to get set up or hung or built, he thought he would have it done before i got home.
Well when i walked in, I found a long vintage table from my shoppe and another vintage table (I'm getting ready to turn into an ottoman) set up, with long pieces of ply wood on them, then his 8 foot ladder on them- and he on the top trying to install this huge chandelier.
Oh my...
Would of been beautiful except he had asked if we had electrical wire- i say yes- well i guess there is a difference between speaker wire and electrical wire for wiring a chandelier (oops)..
Now it is up, and I LOVE IT!!!!
then i added another lighting make over- a little mini lamp, that i use to use for sewing-no longer need it-so i painted it, changed shade and back to adding red to the shoppe with this cutie..
Oh how I love my paint- No
b-day gifts, anniv. gifts for me- Just a case of heirloom white paint will do.


  1. Your chandelier turned out beautiful. What a brave man to rig up something for the ladder! Mr. Sissie would have told me to call someone! LOL!


  2. The light turned out beautiful! I am a huge chandelier girl. xo

  3. What a super nice hubby you have and the chandy looks so pretty!
    Deb :)

  4. It looks so much better, and what a sweet husband for doing that for you!!

    I almost had heart failure when I found my chandelier that is in my dining room. It was love at first sight.


  5. Nice Job! Its looks great. I have a passion for revamping old lamps and lighting fixtures too.
    PS. Thanks for the Michael Buble serenade. I LOVE HIS MUSIC!

  6. That looks great painted white. I would be afraid all that he was on would come crashing down. Gotta be careful on those ladders.

  7. Both light fixtures look great. It is amazing what a little paint will do. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Your blog is wonderful and I've added on to follow you, too.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. Nice job on creating such a beautiful look with your new find. I too love lighting and i am always searching for old lamps that i can bring back to life and i see you certainly have a passion as well. I enjoyed the read and i will be back for more.

  9. Well looks gorgeous!

  10. LOVE it!!! I found one recently at a rummage sale for $4.00. It worked but I decided to remove the sleeves and wires so it could be used as a candle one outdoors. You'll have to check out my fan page on facebook. All my treasures- It's in the before and after photo album. I LOVE how it turned and so did my client!! ;)

  11. Love that heirloom white paint, I'll have to find some! What a difference it made on the the lamp too!


    Ps. I'm now a follower, love your blog!

  12. OMG!!! We are married to the same guy!!!!!!!That is exactly what my hubby would do! I have 911 on speed dial! :)

  13. Holy crap! your dear husband on the ladder just put fear into my heart....I would have had to leave the room. it turned out great and so glad hubby is safe!!!

  14. What a great re-do. This is really neat looking!

  15. I adore your new chandelier! It's absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job!