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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rustic Revival

A customer bought this pretty little vintage desk in a rubbed shade of olive green for her daughter, look at the detail in the bottom or under the drawer just so charming. She wanted it in a heirloom white, so thought i would share the before and after of this job.

I always think there was a time, so many years ago, where i would of been afraid to paint anything, for fear of ruining it or not turning out right. Now I can picture exactly how it will look before I even bring it home.
So I like to share the before and afters, for those who are debating on painting, so they too can see how wonderful a piece would look with a coat of love and hopefully be inspired to give it a try.

This was the little piece I bought from my neighbor at the shoppe who owns (The Shack) selling Vintage-records,tapes,CDs,books all for $1.00, well he comes across these really cool pieces of furniture sometimes.
This was one i couldn't say no to, it was asking me to save it, I just know it.
It is just so old, I didn't want to mess with it to much, so i barely sanded it, i tried to patch up the top, but the wood is so thick, and totally split, it kept re-cracking. I then decided it added to the rustic oldness of the piece, i used same paint color (white) and then re-distressed it. I also choose to leave the inside the way it was.
I normally paint everything- but every once in a while, I think it is good to leave something so old, rustic the way it is & love those imperfections.
So it may not look much different, but it is a bit cleaner, and refreshed-
Haven't decided if I'm keeping this one, or taking to shoppe.


  1. LOVE the look of your white furniture projects! I'm normally pretty brave about painting, but haven't yet painted anything white. I'm getting closer to that point tho, I've had dark furniture all my life. You are a wonderfully creative creature!

  2. Love your new painted pieces especially the end tables!! I love the look of painted and distressed furniture, I just painted an armoire in my daughters room and I did it white I love how it turned out!

  3. Isn't paint just so magical. I love how the desk turned out! I also love the armoire that was blue that you redid! I love the chalkboard on the door! Great idea!

    Hey I would love for you to let me know what you think of my buffet in my dining room. I did a post on it yesterday. Its a glossy white and I wonder if I should paint it! I'd love your ideas, since you are the queen of re-dos!

  4. Hi Karryann,
    I would love to see you paint something in a very pale gray/blue. I bet it would be beautiful.


  5. So jealous of your finds! All looks fantastic!