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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I Love Paint!

Why I love Paint! Paint can fix anything, make almost anything beautiful again, can change a room, a feel, or a style. Such an inexpensive way to redecorate, I say Paint everything before you throw it away.
This beauty of a dressing table is very vintage, looks almost handmade from the type of wood, the drawer sliders very rustic, can't tell so much from picture but when drawers are out you can see the hammered nails, the craftsmanship of each piece of wood.
A good friend was going to throw this away, she was almost embarrassed to ask if I would want this little treasure. SIllY girl!
Look how beautiful it came out, I didn't even sand it, just painted it, lightly distressed it, and added some polyurethane to coat it and a darling vintage dressing table/vanity..

My  bit of advice for the day- if ever your thinking of throwing something away, a tin, piece of furniture,cowboy boots, old sign (really anything) AT least paint it, just to see how it would look, you just never know what beauty-charming detail you missed until you paint.

some little kid boots from goodwill, painted white-added red flowers and a cute 4th of July decoration.


  1. It came out beautiful! I agree, never throw something out until you have tried to redo it in some way. Wonderful redo!

  2. Hi.
    If you scroll through my blog to the post "I want a new drug, oops I mean house" I took a picture of the ceiling, it is tongue and groove pine boards..meant for the exterior. The bedroom upstairs will take a couple of days to get ready.

    The kitchen ceiling is 6 inch boards. The ceiling in the bedroom is also 6 inch boards which are not tongue and groove. We got them at home depot. They look just as nice, a little more rustic I think. I just have so much to do around here getting the room ready for a post is just going to take awhile...but I will get to it. It is probably the only room in the house that is complete.

  3. It is amazing the miracles a coat of paint can achieve! xo

  4. Love the boots but what did you paint them with? I tried a pair of Ice skates and the paint wouldn't dry... :-(

  5. If it weren't for white paint, I don't know where I'd be! I love taking ugly pieces of dark wood furniture and painting it. Sometimes you will hear someone say, oh don't paint that because it's old. Well it might be old, but it sure is ugly is what I'm thinking. So if no one wants it then why not paint it!

    Great job. The dresser and mirror looks wonderful.


  6. thanks for the compliments on the kitchen , but, it is not done yet...far from it...I have some crazy painstaking ideas that need to get done...I am living in a messy dream.

  7. Love it! Also the cowboy boot idea. I may try that one!

  8. yeah, paint makes things seem totally, "a hoarse of a different color:. I love the French Country Look to you bedroom set now. and the boots are so updated. Lezlee

  9. I love paint too! Great transformations!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related No.11!

  10. Same reason I love paint too!! ;)

  11. Isn't that the truth, for a small cost you can do amazing makeovers:)


  12. Karry,
    What a beautiful job, a little paint adds value to furnishings and always has.
    Great designer pieces are most of the time pricier then stain grade in the interior design world due to the craft and art involved.

    So you have taken a piece and breathed new life into it.
    Thank you for your sweet visit to my site post weeds and salt & pepper shakers.

  13. It is so true. Paint can transform anything. I have painted several pieces of furniture since I started blogging. My husband is afraid I am going to paint every piece we have. Silly man, not yet!

  14. Thanks so much for the follow. You really have a gift for transforming the ordinary to something very beautiful! I love your creative space!

  15. Wow, it looks so nice now! I'm really impressed!