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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cupcake & Tea Party!

A few pictures of the Cupcake Tea Party for our daughter Caroline turning 8. Trying to have the shoppe open, and set up was a bit challenging, so i was more limited than i thought-  So closing shoppe at 5-then rushing to push rest of furniture-shoppe items back or out front under burlap to hide it-but not look messy- then quickly trying to blow up balloons-set table-& do finishing touches was a little tricky but we sort of made it-
 I made the Banner saying Happy Birthday, so that way I can reuse it for other girls, I made the sign on Fireplace mantel for her with some old panels of wood, and brought in all of the pink flowers i could find around house,garage and shoppe. I made the 3 tiered Pink cake for decoration, then recovered some of the vintage chairs in shoppe with different shades of pink fabric(something easy so i could change back after party). Hung some tulle- I made the hanging white flowers/greenery with mini white lights, and then used every tea cup, saucer i could find, had vintage hanker chiefs of all differ colors-textures-sizes and just tied them with different ribbons and layed out at each place setting.
Made each girl their own Crown, with their name on it, so they could use as a keep sake as well.
Then they were served by my older daughter mini peanut butter jelly sandwiches cut up, watermelon, & pink lemonade to drink.
We played one game (how many words can you make out of Caroline) in which they did while eating.
Then they were given large pink strawberry cupcakes in gold wrappers to ice-decorate however they wanted as much as they wanted (and  oh  did they) with cherries on top- we gave each girl a candle and Caroline 8 on her cupcake and everyone got to  blow out a candle.
Last they each got a white goody bag  tied with pink tulle  inside was a pearl necklace with ribbon to fancy it up-
pink glittered clothespins with a cute crown tip-
Sparkly mini notebooks-
Home Made Pink Strawberry Dipped Marshmellows (sprinkled with white-pink dots) with ribbon tied around them-
& an old fashion candy necklace
(and of course i snuck in cards for shoppe offering 10% off one item next time they come in) Yes a Shameless Plug)
and at the end we put all the tables away took some sassy pictures that each girl will get mailed to her and turned up the music and they danced.

Then we stayed until almost 10 cleaning up, moving all the shoppe furniture back,sweeping, mopping_& yes worth it for out littlest one.
I'm thinking about doing it for other girls (for a charge of course)..


  1. Oh, you are killing me with all that good girlyness that I'm missing out on here at my chateau de boy! Look at all those beautiful girls!!!! Give that girl a big birthday hug from us = )


  2. How wonderful! I am loving all of the pink wonderfullness of it all! Looks like all of the girls are having a blast!


    The black and white hats are darling!

  3. Oh, such a cute age and what a lucky girl she is to have had such a lovely party!! xo

  4. Oh my, what a charming party, they must have each felt so special!

  5. FABULOUS! The party turned out soooooooo cute! I can think of a zillion little girls who would LOVE to have their party at your shop and wear one of those LOVELY crowns!
    Love it!

  6. Oh MY!!!
    WOuld you come to my house and do a Tea Party for ME??!!!
    I love it!! You did an awesome job!This fall my girlfriends (5) of them are coming for a weekend of fun. We all turn 55 this year and I think a Birthday Tea Party would be perfect!! Any hints and ideas would be so appreciated. I'll probably do it myself...but having someone set it all up would be the best!
    Happy weekend.
    Deb :)

  7. You created a party that the girls will never forget. How lovely! Susan :)

  8. what an amazing party.....I loved throwing parties for my kiddos when they were little.

    I loved all of the vintage touches....I knew it would be amazing if you had a hand in it.

  9. Looks like it was such a fun party!!! Little girls are just divine.

  10. Wow! I want to be eight and YOU be my mom!! LOL That is one of the best parties that I have seen! The crowns are fabulous!! Great blog too!!

  11. Boy I have been away from your Blog Way.... to long my apologies, but really the only one that it effected was me! I missed all these wonderful Posts! This Party is just over the Top Dripping with cuteness! You are so talented! That Party should be in a magazine somewhere! Hugs, Diane

  12. Now THATS what I call a tea party! Too gorgeous for words. Happy birthday to Caroline.
    Well done - I bet you all slept well that night!