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Monday, June 7, 2010

From the Past they Rode!

Today in our little humble Historic Folsom, the Pony Express came riding through. Giving everyone a glimpse into how the mail was carried so many years ago. With children watching on, & adults, cameras, newspapers glaring past the sun she rode in with the bags saddled over the pretty horse, a police escort and many smiles in her direction, then like the wind they swapped riders- exchanged some mail and off again he (the new rider) rode to the next stop on the Pony Express route.
So many of us forget each of our little towns have such history like the vintage pieces we love so much.
For example the building-next to mine was the Pony Express stop long,long ago, and the building I'm currently in- actually the shoppe itself is where the horses from the Wells Fargo Stage Coach use to get chained up, The Buckle is still hooked into the ground, and wood paneled floor covers it, but it isn't forgotten as I point it out to customers all the time. As I have this fascination with all that is old, furniture, stories, people, & just my love for history in general and what a nice day to share the past with my girls.

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