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Sunday, June 13, 2010

49 cent cutie

Just a simple little mini project with some chalkboard paint-a tin I found at thrift store for 49.cents.
The color was perfect the way it was, so i left it- taping it off with blue painters tape-
Then used spray chalkboard paint and sprayed the tin 3 times-let dry for 24 hours- rubbed chalk over it-wiped down-
pulled tape off and there ya go- and added a baggy of chalk for the next to person use- a bit of twine for detail with a bow.
Total Cost maybe $1.25 with twine-chalkboard paint-tin

Love that you can make anything out of truly anything even this throw away candy tin.


  1. that is a really cute project..and the colour just happens to be one of my favorites!

  2. Do you ever give your creative mind a little rest??

    Love ya,

  3. So adorable ~ you are so creative! xo

  4. You have great ideas and I like that you share them instead of keeping them to yourself.

  5. Folsom, right on! Used to live in Placerville.

  6. Wow...GREAT idea!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!

    OOOH LA LA!!!

  7. Very cute idea! They have also started making a dry erase paint too, but chalk is cuter!

  8. Hi! I saw you on Pixie blog and came to visit! What a sweet project. Very clever.

  9. That's one pretty lid :D


  10. thanks for visiting me oh, friend!
    The wainscotting is original to the 117+ year old house! You should put some on the ceiling...we have done it in the kitchen and a bedroom I will get around to doing a post about. I love wainscotting as well, I would add it to everything!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Your winback chair is awesome!!! Glad you made some buckaroos! I would like to do the same idea to my livingroom furniture, I just odn't know if I am brave enough...I am kind of fickle. Maybe I would tire of it?

  12. Hey..thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. i am looking here at your blog thinking: your and your paint brush are just amazing.

    I like your cookie tin idea because it's unique, besides pretty & functional.

    Do show it off here also, will ya, so my readers can find you: