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Friday, July 23, 2010

Broken into Beauty!

Recently I bought this from my neighbor at my shoppe, Wayne (The Shack) he comes across the most amazing antique-vintage pieces in his travels.
So he brought me this old piece- it was once a cabinet for a record player of some sort (now empty), with no back, no inside finish, and of an odd set up.

You can see why I love this piece so much, those fluted legs, the detail in the carving, Just so Charming.

You can see, that the bottom portion is useless, unless you access from the
back, which isn't that practical.

I decided to go with a blossom white, I tried to overly distress it giving it a more worn look.
Then I added vintage music sheet paper inside covering the sides and bottom hiding the tattered-worn frayed wood.
I also removed the front carved piece- that way if someone wanted to use that bottom portion for storage or to display plates or something they could.
Lastly I added a back, with some light padded thin wood, and covered with burlap.

So although this was probably a beautiful record cabinet- it is now a cute
little display piece, for vintage books, china dishes, linens..

Here is an example of what i put in it, Vintage books on the top shelf, and old piece of luggage on the very top, and some vintage linen napkins on the bottom shelf, with the peek hole.

I just Love how anything can become something, just because it was a Record Cabinet doesn't mean it has to stay a Record Cabinet.


  1. The detail is really nice. I think it really looks great in the white with the distressing. Great job!

  2. I'd love to see it with something displayed in it. Looks great BTW!

  3. You did a fantastic job with the cabinet. I love the distressing and the burlap backing was a great idea! Nicely done!


  4. I love it!! I love the white with the sheet music...Kathy

  5. How creative you are to do all of that with that beautiful piece. I'd hate to sell it now.

  6. Great Transformation! I love the shapoe of it and would have been drawn to it too! Love it! Using the music sheets was very clever:)

  7. what is cooler than paint?!


  8. This is just stunning! You are amazing! I just love the way you turn something old and unused into a work of art that becomes very useful! So the way I have made my first purchase of an old bedside I need to go and buy some paint and have a go myself!
    Alicia xx

  9. This makeover is so stinkin the sheet music. Hope you have a FUN weekend!


  10. Just so creative. Love it!!!

    Found you on Nikki's blog:)


  11. Wow,it looks lovely..I love it when a lick of paint rebirths a piece..Enjoy!!

  12. Hello karryann, pleased to meet you. That old record cabinet come up amazing. I love repurposing items , One of my favourite places is our local recycle tip shops, I love finding things i can use for something else. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and thank you for placing a picture up in your shop. I was so happy when i had read your comment you made my day. Have an amazing week.
    take care tina

  13. Hi Karryann, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I love your blog too, I just spent way to much time going through your posts but I enjoyed every minute of it (; I love your shoppe and if I lived closer I would be there all the time, you do such a great job refinishing your furniture, it really is amazing what a lil paint can do!! By the way my husband and I are also high school sweethearts but I've been married 22yrs, yikes I really don't know how that is possible, we have three boys and my oldest just turned 21!

  14. What a perfect use for the the piece. I love the detail that you find with older pieces of furniture.

  15. What a wondeful transformation!!! It's so nice to take a piece like that and transform it into something beautiful and something that you can use... and what great choice's with the color white, music sheets, and burlap, it's just gorgeous!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne