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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gold French Charm!

While, I think this little-tiny wood chair is adorable, Brown Wood just isn't me. I get the look so many times, from those who think you shouldn't paint old-vintage or antique furniture.
But I have to say, I NEVER buy because of value, or age or what it could be worth. I Only buy because i love the style, the look, the detail the piece has. So off to the paint shop it goes.(My front yard)..
With doing most of my pieces in white or hierloom or black, sometimes I like to try something different. And with this little gem, Thought I would go with Gold, and a Fun, Sassy White plush Fur, and check out the charming lift up seat for storage.
A Dainty Fun Chair with some Charm in an Extravagant Gold for some French Style..


  1. Well somebody's creative juices are flowing! You go girl!

  2. You know what I say to those that think it's a crime to paint over wood- "Just cause it's wood, doesn't mean it's good." Often, old stained wood is beautiful, but just as often, it looks better painted--your chair proves that point. The wood police need to get over it ; )

  3. You did a fabulous job!! I love the funky fur!!


  4. Love the gold and the FUR!! Really looks super fabulous! I think I might paint mine the gold color! Thanks for the inspriration!

  5. Oh, I love this little furry chair. You couldn't have made it any cuter.


  6. You did a wonderful job... I especially love the white furry seat!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne Nicole

  7. Love the gold and the plush white fur... I especially appreciate the directional placement of the fur. Fanastic job... home run, Yeah!!!

  8. What a fun chair! Love the gold with the fur! Perfect for a little statement piece in any room.

  9. This is oh so cute! Love the white fur!!! Would not be letting my neices and nephews near this one! (Sticky fingers)
    Alicia xx