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Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Made Lovelies!

Thought I would share some of my most recent  home made items-
It is expensive to even buy wholesale, you have to order a high dollar amount just to place an order-So while I have ordered wholesale for some items in my shoppe- Most- I do make myself.
It is cheaper, I So enjoy it & love doing so, it allows me to be creative.

Now while we all travel from Blog to Blog and see such Great ideas, I do believe we all somewhat take from each other, which they say is the best form of flattery (not so sure), but we all do it.

So when i see a great Idea in Blog land, I try to let the blogger know, I'm going to attempt it, and also change it up with my unique touch showing my style, so that it is not the same.
And many ideas are just out of magazines, and i try to alter as well, making it more of my signature style & design.
This my Flirty Half Apron with Layered Ruffles. Last year I saw a picture in a Country Living magazine, with a whole apron with ruffles , and I had to try it. Sold the first 2 right away- So now at my shoppe I thought I would bring some in.

This was my Patriotic Whole Apron, with a deep blue, cream stars, a top pocket and (god bless America) embroidered on top with a small ruffle on bottom.
Next are my chalkboards & cutie Clothespins.
The chalkboards are also clipboards, great for kids on a long trip they can clip paper on it or a towel and draw & erase or color on paper and it all stays together and can be used over and over again.

The clothespins, My mom hand paints many for the shoppe (takes her days to do them), but they are unique & one of kind, and some I add glitter to making fun little clips for all uses.

While visiting all the (Where Bloggers Create II Creative Space Party) I saw so many cool tags-made with those old vintage photos and I love them.
So I decided to make Journals with the same idea-Layered on top of layer with photos-letters.
I have a journal, and write in it often, and it is plain & boring, so I thought how fun it would be to make each journal/diary different, with a theme, style, color so each one is a true one of kind and fun.
I also just made this lovely, she is my favorite, and will be great to use for display.
Lastly is my little gem, I bought from my neighbor Wayne over at The Shack ( selling all vintage records for $1.00)
He brought me this vintage cabinet all dusty-dirty, and with such curvature, detail, scalloping, and amazing feet- I Couldn't wait to work on it.

That same night I brought this home, I was out in the driveway, cleaning, sanding, filling little holes, and using a paint color i never used before a mint blue flat and I just Love it..

I didn't change the vintage original hardware either. When i put the coat of polyurethane on it, it actually made the color a bit darker and looked a bit more aged (even better)..
Love those pieces you just don't see everyday..

Sadly when I buy these pieces, I always buy with the intent of ( I'm going to use this for display, decoration,or this will be one, I keep for home).
Rarely - do I think of (resale) first.
But I do know I have to sell them, I can't keep them all.
So all items on this post are available at shoppe.


  1. How much do you sell your flirty aprons for?

  2. The cabinet was a diamond in the rough~you did a marvelous job with it! Love all your lovlies!!


  3. Cabinet came out amazing! The 1/2 apron is so adorable, it's very Anthropologie. xo

  4. Just adorable Karyanne. I would love to visit your shop...maybe one day when I travel! I love everything you make!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.
    Alicia xx

  5. Wonderful creations! Love the vintage cabinet and what you did with it.

  6. Hi KarryAnn!

    I'm apron crazy these ones you made are great!!
    Thanks for becoming a follower to my other blog!
    Pamela xo

  7. The cabinet came out beautifully! Love that minty blue on it. Nice job!

  8. LOVE the cabinet!!

  9. Love that cabinet. Looks great with the new paint.