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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guiding You In!

My Little shoppe is on the main Historic Street in Folsom (Sutter St) where many come to visit, attend the Art Walk, the Thursday night markets or Farmers Markets on Sundays and the Annual Antique Fairs, but Remember Im at the end of the street, and down a hall way in the back of an old Barn (where they use to tie up the Wells Fargo Stage Coach).
So now that there is the Big Revitalization going on- (tearing up of street-awnings-sidewalks-dust and construction) things are bit tricky for a new girl like me..

So I decided to make a sign (showing everyone where to go)..
We bought some 1inch thick Particle Board, I drew a hand on it (not a good one) but an idea of a hand.
Had my husband cut it out for me.
Attached it to an upside plant stand -that use to be my daughters bed side table.

Now you can see the front of our building- others have thier signs out- some A Frames- well I have a hanging (Gracefully Vintage) sign, but thought (hmm) my hand might bring some attention to our building.

What do you think, would that grab your attention if you were driving by?
I painted it, painted the stand, and added some toile fabric( got to have my touch to it) to look like a sleeve, some ribbon and there is my little
(where you should shop sign)..
and oh yes i set it right out in the street...


  1. Oh ya, that would definitely get my attention...good thinkin Karryann!! I just love how your little mind works:)


  2. That was great! That was the best hand I have ever seen! It is cute and unique and should draw attention.

  3. Thank you for the compliment,your comment make me happy, your blog is gorgeus and there are fantastic picture.......Have you a nice day, kisses!!!

  4. LOVE your sign! What a fabulous idea!!! Great drawing of a hand too!
    Alicia xx

  5. Your sign is wonderful, it sure would make me stop in!


  6. OMG! Love the pink nail polish and the big ruffle!! Yes, I would definitely stop in! Great idea!!

  7. Karryann--
    That is FABULOUS! Was it out this morning?! It couldn't have been--I can't be that blind. I LOVE the new display in the front of the shoppe, if I didn't mention it earlier ; )

  8. Great idea! Love the painted nails! That would draw me in. Hope you had a good weekend.

  9. Its a riot and would definitely get my attention.