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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Black & White In??

You ever notice a pattern with the way you do something?
As I'm trying to decide what color,style,shade,texture of fabric to do a Vintage Chair in at the moment- I began to look over some of my re-purposed pieces, color schemes, or designs I noticed a theme.

Do You see where I'm going with this?

Ok, so you see I tend to stick to black & white, then Toile. I guess i figure they are safe, kind of neutral but frenchy, classy, elegant a little shabby.
But I have several chairs I'm getting ready to start, a french vintage plush chair, three side chairs all need upholstery.
Do I go with what is safe, Do I go with what sells, Do I go with something fun-different,  Yikes, so many directions to take..

Here are my before beauties, stay tuned!!


  1. Hi Karryann,
    OMGosh, I do that with every chair. I had one like your center one, I covered it in a light blue linen blend/type fabric, and it sold in one day! You can go see it here.

    But I know... what's safe, what sells, what's FUN and creative??? Sigh... Oh what to do. Well, I just wish I had those 3 chairs to have to decide!

  2. I'm loving your black and white theme- toile and checks are a favorite of mine! I say go with what you love -or if you are not finding the black and white sells as much, how about re-upholstering in a subtle linen or something and adding your black and white as accent pillows, or marrying the fabrics( pattern on sides and back, solid on front, etc) Maybe that would give you the look you love to create while being something that most people could find a spot for in their home. Anyway, can't wait to see what you do with those cute chairs!

  3. Argh! I SO hear you there. There's a contant tug of war between the inner buisness woman and the artist. :) I love everything you do, so I'm sure they'll be fabulous either way.

  4. Go with what is safe and sales. Black and white is never a wrong choice. The first and third chair could be done slightly similar and paired off as a his and hers set possibly, leaving the middle one to go a brighter fun color.

    The thing is, we may not like a really bright color but it will get the attention of customers so if you wanted to do it Orange velvet, for instance, think how it would pop against the black and white :)

    Hope this helps:)

    I don't really like saw an orange rocker on the porch of a local vintage shop up here and thought gee...that's ugly. Then realized the orange was a great marketing strategy cause now I'm driving buy looking at everything else sitting out there.

  5. I am in love with the black and white checkered sofa. I think I need it:)


  6. You are a very talented lady! I am a huge fan of black and white. It can go with so much. I am seeing beautiful taupe, carmel or wheat colored linen-like material ( not real linen, what a rinkled mess!). The center chair with the wood painted white would look beautiful.
    So nice to find you and stop by tonight!

  7. I would go with what is safe and sales, if you wanted to try something different I would try it on a smaller item something that you don't have to invest alot in, and see how that goes. Blessings~~~ Daphne

  8. Seems to me you already know what works for you, so trust your good instincts.

    Thank you for your kind words yesterday about WWC. I so appreciate it.


  9. awesome. I need a burgandy wing to go toile for my master suite. lol

  10. ALl the chairs are so lovely done in black and white. I'm slipping a wing in blue and white toile right easy to live with. You certainly bring the beauty back to old worn pieces. Good job!

  11. Go with FUN! Be true to your style and spirit! Thanks for your sweet comment in regards to my flood.