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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garbage Picker, Yes I am!

While I Love to turn a lost piece of furniture into a charming addition to a home, I also love the challenge of making nothing become something.
So when I saw this old gross cassette holder from the 80's, that was about to go in the garbage, I had to take on the task of making something useful & possible decorative out of it.
The inside of the Brown fake wood Storage unit-there were tons of little cubbies for the cassette tapes, not functional for anything I could think of.
SO I decided to use pliers and pull out every other one, and then some I pulled out 2-3 at a time, allowing for more space between slots.

 Then Painted white- sanded out the edges as much as I could to give it the shabby look.

Once it was all white, with some roughed up edges, and differ. sized slots for misc. items, I added a mixture of knobs, some vintage metal-small wood- larger wood, and vintage wood ones all I painted black and slightly roughed them up .
And here you go, my little box with tons of storage for screws-bolts-washers- buttons-crystals-push pins,glue sticks-red hots (one of my favorite candies), what ever you want and with convenient drawers for easy clean-organized storage of those little minis.

Now days, I see beauty in every single thing, Going to an Estate Sale today instead of going inside or to the garage or garden area I headed to the area that looked like garbage,  much more challenging, making something out of nothing, especially like this one here, I grabbed it right before it was tossed into garbage..
Now a cutie for all my little things-that get lossed in my sewing tackle box.


  1. You did an awesome job! What a great transformation. I told my friend today about how you transform the plain and ordinary into something wonderful. I'll have to get her to follow your blog, I know she would really enjoy seeing your work.

  2. Bravo!!! :) Pam @ Sallygoodin

  3. I love how you transform everything! Great storage idea!! xo

  4. Wow, I'm freaking out at how clever you are! When I started reading the post I thought, oh my goodness, how is Karryann going to make something out of this old thing? You have totally out done yourself, it is the cutest and most practical thing ever. You've inspired me to look at things differently in future!

  5. Oh my gosh Karryann! That is a super cute makeover!! You are so clever!

    Question for you on the painting....did you have to paint over laminate or was it wood? Just wondering how you paint over laminate and make it look so good?

    I just love it!!



  6. I really love this piece Karryann especially with the darker knobs. It's darling. You really turned trash into a treasure. Enjoy your day.


  7. Very cool! I see those old cassette tape holders often but they are usually plastic... I'm going to have to start looking for a wooden one like you've found. I love it!


  8. Too cute! I love it! Great inspiration for some of that completely dated stuff no one knows what to do with!

  9. Great save! It looks really cute now~I never would have seen how cute that could be just from looking at the original.

    Good work!

  10. Karryann I want one too! Let me rephrase... I really neeeeed something like this. I've got so many doo-hickies and thing-a-ma-jiggies that need a home. lol

    Great revamp :)

  11. Wow, this transformation is night and day... You took a piece of junk and turned it into something useful and attractive. Kudos to you!
    Visiting from Suzanne's party.
    ~ Sue

  12. I'm still so impressed by how good this looks! Thanks for linking up!

  13. That's fantastic-my husband thinks everything made in the 80's is ugly-you've proved him wrong!!

  14. That is brilliant!

    I just saw one of these at the thrift store the other day and thought to myself "What on earth could anyone do with that???"

    Hmmm... off to see if they still have it.

  15. Hopping over from Meridian Road. LOVE this transformation! I love the storage!

  16. Fantastic! I want one! I'm going to keep my eyes open for one. You are so cleaver!

  17. Wonderful transformation, you are so talented...having an eye to pick something and make into something so pretty!


  18. I love it, it turned out pretty shabby chic. Stopping by from Meridian Road linky party.

  19. Hey, I'm late to the party, but I'm on vacay so I have an excuse. You have inspired me to do something with our old cassette holders. I will now look at them in a new light. Thank you! Ann

  20. this is awesome! I love how you took an ugly piece of junk and made something cute and so very functional out of it! I love to scour the shelves of my local Goodwill store for things that can be repurposed into something pretty. I'll have to start checking out the junk piles at the estate sales next.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  21. What a great little storage chest! Now I hope I can find one of those ugly things so I can redo do it like that! It's looks terrific.

  22. Hi - I just discovered your wonderful blog. You are so talented, and very inspirational. I really love the cassette holder transformation -- I think we still have one in the garage taking up space...I just might go for a hunt tomorrow morning! Looking forward to following your many adventures.

  23. Just stopping by for the very first time! So glad I did. Your vision is amazing! Never would I have thought of turning that old cassette storage into that! I'll definitely be stopping by some more to learn how to look through your eyes! Thanks!