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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Darling Rosette!

There are the most amazing bloggers out there, recently I purchased this beautiful rosette flower pin from (Count your Blessings Blog) I love it so much, It was even better than the picture.
I wished i could figure out how she made it, it is so lovely full of layers of fabric-tulle, i just couldn't figure it out.

Well a few days later,  there was a tutorial on how to make those beautiful Rosettes from Jill at Gypsy Flea Market Blog or at least very similar . How Wonderful it that?
We can copy-try to emulate but really nothing is ever like the original..
 So I decided to give it a try, using her directions, and if you go to
 French Cupboard's Blog today, they are doing a whole post & sharing of Rosettes..
So Here is my First Attempt.
1..using a pulled apart flower-adding some stamp to it, to give character- then adding fringed pieces of cut fabric to layer, and then added some lace as well.

2.. You use wire to pull them together in the center of each piece of fabric-or the flower petal, starting with smaller-to larger.

And here you go.

Now that i have tried it, and sort of can see how it pulls together, I might just try some other fabrics-textures-layers...
Just Love it..
Thank You for Sharing & Inspiring us to give it a try.


  1. Your rosette is so charming. You did a fabulous job!


  2. Very pretty. Beautiful job.


  3. How creative! cant wait to try this myself.

  4. ...I couldn't resist Polly's taffeta roses either!! ~ or Beth's gypsy stamped rosettes!!!
    ~ and isn't it addicting to make these??!!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. OMG! By far the greatest flower that I have ever seen!! Super fabulous job!

  6. Your rosette is beautiful and feminine! You did a great job. Not sure I could figure it out even with a tutorial.

  7. i really want to try making one. yours came out beautifully! thanks for the tutorial link.


  8. Very pretty!! I say you nailed it on your first attempt!!

  9. Oh thanks for sharing on how to make your beautiful rosettes!

    Renee ♥

  10. Well done! See, it's not hard ; )
    Your rosette looks smashing ... looks like you might have a new addiction coming on ?
    Have fun and thank you for the kind words!

  11. How fun...I love layering stuff and you right about trying different textures together..the possibilities are endless.

    Great creation!!

    I'd love for to drop by for a peek at my rosettes.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥