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Monday, March 8, 2010

The After Shot

So that adorable vintage 1970's china hutch i posted a week or so ago(before shots down below), is all finished and in store.Turned out pretty cute, just couldnt go wrong with those carved details, extravagant wood work on top of hutch, those darling feet or bottom of the hutch. Just So Cute, I spent a day or two trying to figure where i could fit it in my home, and then what i could use it for seeing as our home is pretty dainty in size. Maybe a crafting hutch, i could store my fabrics-trims-fur-thread or maybe my crafting paper-glitter-tags-scissors, or maybe in garage for all my paint,brushes,tarps,goof off- BUT then my kids reminded me there will always be another one, & to share my fabulous finds-So to the Store (Not Too Shabby) it goes where it looks charming in the corner with adorable Easter decor in it-and marked $399 we'll see what happens, I do have a black more squared one that my hsuband is going to help me add beadboard to back of that is almost ready to go, Maybe that one I'll keep.(hmmm?)

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