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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Ruffled Idea!!

SO I made the party hats for my daughters 12th Birthday-just for fun,& then thought about (Ruffles & Stuff), and her cute contest & thought i would try to ruffle up a hat and see how it turned out.Yeah she showed it on her Ever so Popular Blog...Pretty Cool i thought,I love her spirit,comments that make me laugh & her sharing of great ideas as well as using what you got...Check out all the other cool entries on her blog.
Here is a picture of the Ruffled up Hat I sent in..If you wanted to make it, you would follow the steps on my previous post about party hats-then pick several ribbons, different textures,sizes,patterns accordong to your party or theme, and i used a glue gun, glue down ribbon, then fold,and follow around hat-starting at bottom. Then i always like fur, so i added fur to bottom, and tippy top with a crystal jewel i found. Making it princess like & fun- could be used as a gift,decoration or for a party, think of all you can add to it fur, pom poms,trims, glitter, tassles, jewels so many ideas..

1 comment:

  1. So cute, I didn't realize it was a hat for some reason was thinking christmas tree at first, but it's adorable!!!