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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Change of Fabric ?

I came across this pretty little wood hutch, I thought would be perfect for a t.v. or computer or even to be used as storage or for linens, so i painted it white,put some burlap on the inside back, so when you opened it, it had a clean look to it-then i took off the panels on the doors and put red-white toile (something to be different), got tons of compliments, many customers loved it,and i would hear them talk about how cute as they shopped in store, and even got lots of calls for it,but still had not sold. So with my short attention span and lack of patience I decided to change the fabric to a differ. fabric, using a white color and a really really dark brown/almost charcoal toile and put it up yesterday. So now we'll see what happens. Here are the two shots of the red- and the now blackish color toile. My Motto is (if something doesnt work-Try something else)...

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