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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sometime's They're Right!

My husband spotted this large Vintage (old, rugged) China Hutch in a little lost shop a few weeks ago, and he thought it would be so easy to fix up. I never even took a before picture because it was so BAD-Well 4 weeks later several sanding hours,painting then re-sanding, to then bring out the belt sander & re-painting again,several trips to Lowes for drawer sliders (they don't sell the style the hutch required or at least once had anymore),re-attaching the top molding because it wouldnt fit in car to get home,countless debates on whether to use bead board, or pieceing together the original or to use fabric, and one last touch up painting job to Finally Reveal the longest fix up ever for me. But Now I think, I kind of like it & enough to where I might want to keep it. I also like the white back and black wood-that Yes My husband also suggested along with the hutch he also suggested to buy originally as he keeps reminding me, Now I will say it is pretty cute.. (Love Ya Honey-You were Right!)

1 comment:

  1. I can only imagine what it looked like before - and it looks fabulous now. I love anything in black!