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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Newest Finds & Projects!

Ok so Stopped by my most Favorite store today (Can you Guess Where?) and found these wonderful treasures the 2 chairs- which are cute the way they are,but I think Ill do them in black and distress them, The litle glass dome thing-probably will paint the wood portion attach it to a candles stick holder and make into a standing cookie or cupcake display (yes always thinking of those lovely treats), and well the large white frame was a vintage mirror that my poor husband was trying to scoot along the wall at the shop and the wire broke, and well we had to buy it for cost... So now i have to figure what Im going to do with it-can't let it go to waste- i can patch up where the wood broke, and lastly the cute little ladder back vintage chair- could not pass up either, im thinking white-then distress it so that wood comes through and then sewing some black -white toile cushions for it..Oh yeah well the ladder was from the owners of our building, she was done with it, so i thought i could maybe paint it and stencil or paint some design on it.. We will see, as you can see I totally have A-D-D i just know it, not that i would change it, but my mind goes oh so much faster than my little hands can go..As i type this i can see my project Im still working on for Ruffles & Stuff (contest),i did the hat, now i got one more im doing-almost done.. Yes I am just all over the place- this is why I don't sleep.. I would love some ideas of inspiration on that Ladder...

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do! Thanks for stopping by my blog ... this isn't an upholstry porject, but it was one I thought you'd appreciate it after I saw your fabulous doggy bed.