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Friday, March 19, 2010

How To Add Whimsy!

I love the pom poms i saw on Martha Stewarts site, so cute, we needed something to bring some attention to store front. I bought the package of Martha Stewarts Pom Poms $20 not to bad, but i really wanted red- so i used hers to make a pattern. Then went & got red tissue paper and made my own. Well the rain came and ruined our cute little eye grabber. So then thought there has to be something that we can use that is waterproof? Well after a trip to the Dollar Store, discovered plastic table cloths, So i bought the red plastic table cloths used same pattern and made my own bright red Pom Poms, and the more you do, you can put them together to make huge or smaller just to add cuteness to your space. Here is an example of how to make one out of tissue, but you can use plastic table cloths, and once you have pattern, you can use any color, pattern..Totally Cute I think the pom poms give a whimsy feel to a room, party, or even a store front!

1.lay out tissue-flat squares/or rectangles, and cut out your design-scallops,pointy tips or just leave flat ended.
2. once your edges our cut-you will fold according style folding back -forth
3.then gather in middle -pinch and wrap thin wire around making real tight.
4. carefully pull each layer away,(away from each other).
5. then you fluff how you want, and use same wire to hang or add ribbon for darling touch.
i added the pic, of the plastic ones i used at shop(those were 2 added to each other for a fuller look.)

1 comment:

  1. pom poms are adorable! Thanks for this tutorial (: