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Monday, March 22, 2010

Make your Pooch feel like a Prince!

As I Love anything over the top, I saw a picture over at (The Pink Funny Farm)of a sweet little doggy bed. Well i aspire to Create, So I thought, I could do that (well maybe)..So i had bought an old dolly bed (for what-not sure) but i had it, so I had my husband add posts to all four corners, bend some metal for me,attach to top, then i put some thin cardboard over the top as well. Next i covered with some blue satin- made a cushion with flannel blue &white stripes,made a pleted skirt,added some brown pom poms-sewed a little mini pillow,embroidered Prince on it,added wood crowns on head-foot board.
And here is my little (Made for a Prince Doggy Bed)..Our little Henry loved it as well, we couldn't get him out of it & he already has a bed with our son so I ended up donating it to a Fundraiser..
($5 for bed that came with cushion, $15 for fabric trim ,$10 for wood posts,metal,cardboard top-A total cost of about $30 not so Bad, although it did take a few days..But Kind of Cute!!


  1. Hi Karryann,
    Thanks for stopping by and following. I don't know if I would have found your blog. I've looked at all of your posts. Each one is so fun. Your "sister" cane chairs, I found one like that once. Gave it to a friend. The wreath is GORGEOUS! I made my first one last fall after seeing the prices! You've inspired me to make a spring one. You do amazing re-do's on your furniture. I'm like you...I want to keep each one, Then after a little while, I'm ready to let go. I wish I could visit your shop. How lucky you are to have it.
    I'm following now, and I'll be back to see what's new.

  2. Kinda~cute...No it is Super cute!
    Did you say that you donated this one...or his other bed?

    My blogger friend~Denise~ and I were just chatting about doggie beds...cause Flea Market Style magazine showed two cute ones.

    I made an old doll crib into a bed for my baby....the side rail comes down so it is Canopy though.

  3. What a fun blog! I see like me you are new.
    Love each and every one of your projects!
    Cheers, cindykay from

  4. Wow, and you're just down the road from me in West Sac - now I can come see your store!

    Just found your blog, am a follower now!